You need NovelVPN for following reasons:


Anonymous Internet

When you are using NovelVPN services, you are guaranteed to enjoy Web Anonymity. Our services that include Complete Online Anonymity (VPN) and Anonymous Web Surfing rout all the traffic through our secure servers, located in  United States of America  and Europe !

This can be of enormous help if you are:

  • Sensitive about sharing your personal sensitive over the internet (through cookies and IP Addresses)
  • Using Internet Banking through home or public hotspots
  • Sending sensitive information through Instant Messaging services like Skype, MSN, GTalk, ICQ, etc.
  • Sending sensitive information through emails
  • Shopping online, using Credit Cards online
  • and many others …


Why VPN or Anonymity can be useful for you?

As you may know that there are countless people (hackers) who are on lookout to get such information so that they may spam you, steal credit card information or sell your personally identifiable information invading your online privacy! But, our service will make your Internet connection anonymous and secure, creating an encrypted VPN Tunnel between you and our servers. This will assign a new ip address to your PC, Mac, iPhone, Android and other mobile devices, so that your online activity is anonymous and prevents harassment.


Wi–Fi® Security for a Wireless World™


Security of the Wireless Internets and Hotspots is a primary concern for most internet users. Public hotspots and unsecured wireless networks are one of the major reasons for identity theft, privacy intrusion and ‘data thefts’. Some of the key issues related to Wi-Fi Security are:

Your Data is Exposed!

It is easier for wireless eavesdroppers to steal unencrypted packets of data from the air, especially if the hotspot is unencrypted. This data can be the websites that you visit, or your login information from non secure/non SSL websites and POP3 or FTP accounts, your IM Messages, and even your emails!

Your Device is Exposed!

When you connect to a Wireless network, you are basically connecting to a whole network, where other than internet, there are various other devices. This exposes your device to others in the network, who can then hack into it, and may steal your information! (Consider My Pictures Folder in Shared Documents!)

However, using our services you can effectively keep the hackers at bay! NovelVPN can help protect you in following ways:

VPN Tunnel

Using VPN Tunnel Technology, it encrypts your data making it impossible for data sniffers and hackers to steal!

Remote IP

We rout your traffic through our secure servers, giving you a new IP address, that means we take on all the hacking attacks, and theft attempts on our servers while your personal devices are absolutely safe*!


Block Unwanted Connections

Integrating the advanced firewall and filtering capabilities of the NETFILTER PROJECT, you will never receive any unwanted connections to your computer or smart phone. This server-grade filtering software delivers optimal performance and keeps all network intrusions out.

With our network and server grade firewall, the only openings to the outside internet will only be those that you created. Keep the doors closed to strangers.